Running Yet?

|AMERICA| Meghan, 17, Vegetarian. Senior in high school.

HW: 196 lbs

CW: 147.8 lbs

LW: 137 lbs

GW: 120 lbs

Height: 5'5

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Don’t feel this pressure to eat “healthy” in recovery. Right now, EATING is healthy. Have soda with every meal. Go a few days without fruit. Cook everything in butter. Salt. Nothing diet. Full fat dairy. Cheese. Look at the food people call junk and call it treasure. Enjoy. Enjoy food. And fuck anyone who tells you recovery is Clif bars and green smoothies.

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Five qualities I want to continue to live by:
1. Stay active
2. Make healthy choices
3. Enjoy life
4. Work hard
5. Stay humble

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